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Most people know their Sun Sign (aka Star Sign). And some people know their Moon Sign, which can be even more important than the Sun Sign. But are you aware that there are three other important facets"and three corresponding signs"that create a more complete astrological description of your personality?

The Sun Sign represents the energy of the zodiacal sign, promoting creativity, uniqueness, inspiration and happiness. May be associated with the father.

The Moon Sign represents the subconscious. It reveals how to feel comfortable and protected, as well as how to relax and be healthy. Often associated with the mother.

The Mercury Sign represents intellect and our day-to-day connections with others. Coordinates thought processes, communication, and approaches to learning.

The Venus Sign represents preferences and pleasures, values and tastes. Helps to determine favorites, from colors and foods to relationships of the heart.

The Mars Sign represents animal instinct and will of the zodiacal sign. Rules sexual energy, aggression and desire, and determines the drive for work as well as play.

While the Sun Sign is easily calculated based on date of birth (e.g., those born from the end of March through the first two weeks of April have the Sun Sign Aries), the other four signs require more complex astronomical calculations. The Five Signs app will do all those calculations for you and display the result. You need only enter the correct birth data. See the section Entering Birth Data for details.

The new version adds Facebook integration. You can now see the Five Signs of your friends.

Another important new feature is comparison of any two people based on their Five Signs. A resonance between them is calculated and a report is generated.

There is also a help section that will be useful for finding your way around the app. It also explains the astrological symbols that you can see in different sections.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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